Reading #1

We often forget how much our clothing make us who we are and how we easily dispose of it. The Russian women on this reading made the most of every piece they owned and in one instance even re-fashioning a piece over and over to make a “new” piece. The price of garments they bought were over priced, but to them it seemed like it was more of a necessity to give that appearance of being wealthy. Unlike these women many of us take for granted the fact that clothing now in days is so much inexpensive and we just change trends and garments over night. We don’t make the most of every piece as they did.

1. What over the years deviated us from making our appearance the most important part? In terms of the beautiful array of coats, layering pieces and well fitted attire.

2. If for some reason we fell in to a harsh depression would we be more conscious of clothing? or would it just become secondary to the other things, given that our society has a huge fixation with appearance?

3. What is the fascination of people who try to assimilate to a class that isn’t theirs? Considering these Russian women, they couldn’t afford many of the things they bought, but in the end they did and they made them top priority given that it was always over priced for them.




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