Basic Slopers

Day 1

So I had planned to finish the pattern and all the day after class but for some reason it turned to a 3 day project. Today I began by setting up the pattern with the measurements, but there was a problem I realized I was using the wrong measurements!!! Finding my mistake I started again leaving me with this much done the first day……


Day 2

After my failed attempt to finish the front I carried on and made it as far as the second piece!! Which made me feel more confident that I Would be ok!….


Day 3

I finally made it as far as getting ready to cut the muslin…. Which I think it secretly made my dog Gunner very happy because he was mortified of the noise the dotty paper made when I moved it around.


After I had added the 1/2 inch allowance my second cut out pattern was looking odd like it was off so I had no choice but to cut out dotty paper and re-do the piece, once I did that some how it worked it self out, but once I got to the dart on the front bodice piece I realized the dart looked really big and it had misshapen the shape of the front. I just decided to sew a smaller seam and hope I had done ok. ……



For my first time I want to say I did a good job or ok? Maybe?


My dog has to just get used to the dotty paper!! There’s more to come I’m sure!!!!



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