The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures by Jean Baudrillard

if a woman is beautiful she will be chosen, If the man is a man,he will choose his wife among other objects/signs

It is sad to say that it is true that our ads or commercials do create a horrible emphasis on who is on top and more than often it is the male. The man is always fearless and he is dashing, women in the other hand were equally amazing but always in the need for a man. In a car commercial who often drives the car? The man. Who is the passenger? The woman. In beauty commercials women are always trying to defeat aging, but why? For the purpose to look good for others and more than half the time they show them with a man and showing how gorgeous her boyfriend or husband is because she uses the product. This quote to me defines just a little on how we often see or in other words avoid the real truth behind these ads.


I like to say I’m a people watcher. That might sound weird, but it just means I like to just watch what people wear how they act and what they say. I tend to notice the groups and styles in which certain groups and people tend to fall in to. I sometimes wonder how they decided on what to wear or what made them have that style. This is more obvious in teenagers, they tend to buy things that they have seen on their friend/peer or something they saw on an ad or celebrity. The way we purchase things really is controlled trough ads and commercials we see everyday. This was true the day ads glamorized cigarettes to today where body perfect is what we all aim for.

a need of the individual to differentiate himself

I feel like we all like to be individuals and not to belong to a certain group and be unique. More than often those who choose to be I individuals often still seem to fall in to their own category amongst others. This is like the group/style of the “hipsters” I would like to say that they would be independent and I individuals if they were unique and different. They do pertain to their own group and category but in a sense they have become ironic because marketing and ads have made them mainstream. What was once an underground “style” became so big that being distinctive was no longer possible. So are they now conformist or where they forced to be conformist and more common that they wanted to be?



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