Reading #4

The use of customised dress codes

Kanye West Wearing a Celine Women’s blouse

What was once a certain style for hip-hop has changed a great deal since the 80’s. The rough and gangster look has seem to partially fade away. We associate a lot of hip-hop and rap with baggy clothes and big chains; even though the heavy chains remain they might not just be a gold necklace, but now a Gucci piece or even an Hermes cuff. Hip-Hop was once defined by a look and slowly it has turned in to a high-end dress code this might be the new hip-hop.

The Birkin Bag by Hermes is a symbol of Social Power because you can’t just buy one, the Fashion house has made a waiting list of 2 years just to get your hands on this bag; ; even then the bag starts at $9,000 to $34,000. In order for you to even be considered you have to be famous/rich and be the ultimate elitist. This is a great example of how to show your social power, what you carry in your hand as a woman let’s the other women know that you are exclusive because you can afford it and are special enough to get a hold of something that is unattainable to others.

(Is this Woman’s wealth evident? Yves Saint Laurent compact and LV monogram face mask)

(As a prominent figure in fashion Anna Wintour is portrayed here by Carine Roitfeld  with a fur coat and sunglasses, she is emulated by so many women because she is at the highest status in fashion )

Status is often portrayed in the way you dress and look. In the sence of  fashion your status as a fashionista is visible by how far you are willing to take it. The status of a fashionista is visible trough the garments they wear and how “new” or rare the pieces that they wear are. Just like in the real world your status is obvious trough the things you own like the type of car you drive or even what kind of home you own or will own.



In conclusion I will like to add this video in which Karl Lagerfeld explains why he hates clothes that are on “sale” and how he finds it “demeaning” for those women who pay the full price for clothes to be next to those who pay a discounted price. This kind of sums up the idea of  social status like for example Karl believes a woman who can afford to pay full price for his pieces should in no way be side by side another who could have bought another garment next door for a sale price since it breaks that idea of exclusivity.



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