Dolman sleeve & Pleated Skirt

Day 1.
I think I might have just given up… I can’t seem to get it right!!


Day 1 part deux:

Just kidding… I finally figured it out!! One of my bodice slopers wasn’t done right it was too long so I redid it and it came out right all the measurements lined up!!


Day 2 :
I officially finished the pattern and got to cut and sew the actual this case I’m using a blue colored wool because it will be an actual finished garment that I’ll give to my sister.


Pleated Skirt

Day 1:

The tracing and cutting seems to go well, I am yet to feel confused.




Day 2:
The slashes are confusing me a little because they are just every where and the folding of them from is coming out a little odd.


Day 2:
I’m finally getting the hang of this pattern thing I got it down to a two day job. Now I just got to get it to a one day job and I’ll be fully happy. So I finished the pattern and cut it out and finished sewing. I will probably get to make this as an actual garment for my sister too!!




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