Reading #6

Does your dress follow traditional gender roles?

I want to say that what I wear is with in traditional gender roles, I wear sport coats, blazers, and button ups. I wear a lot of solid colors nothing too outrages, but if I find something I really like whether it’s with a print or a bright color I’ll consider getting it I don’t really care much if it’s not “manly”.

How does your gender influence your apparel choices?

It influences my apparel because everything I’ve known has always been jeans, t-shirts, and button ups. As I got older I learned more about my self and how I wanted to dress, now I wear what ever I want regardless of the look,color or cut.

In what ways do you dress outside of your gender?

I think maybe in my denim since some of them are slim or skinny like in women’s . I also like to wear necklaces bracelets; most of my jewelry is women’s.


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