Final: Dress

Panel Dress:

The garment I decided to create from the Beatrice Wood exhibit is what I like to call the panel dress. I wanted to use a print that embodied Wood’s paintings and roots in the Dada movement and when I found the print in just remember thinking this is it!


Having found the right print I wanted to break the brightness of the print do I decided to create panels on the side to create a break in the shape and color.


Creating the pattern wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be it was more confusing putting it together!… I used the princess line slopers and skirt sloper to create one full piece. I then extended the sleeve out to make it part of the pattern so there would be no seam on the sleeve.



I then traced the final pattern on manila paper and started on my muslin where I found it hard to sew in the panels




Once I figured it out I felt comfortable to start on the actual fashion fabric and the only problem then was trying to get the collar to lay flat since I attempted to fold and sew the fabric. When I tried to roll it and it would come out wrong every time so I decided to stop because I didn’t want to damage the fabric since everything was already done …. In the end I loved the way my piece ended up. I could have done a little better in the collar, but I think in the end for me to have even created a pattern that end up matching up and making sense was exciting enough for me. I should probably just have someone who really knows how to sew put it together and see if I’m really good at pattern making or at least just this piece!






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