Swimwear 2014

I based this collection off of a painting from Kay Sage “Watching the Clock” from 1958. I was really atracted by the idea of making a print from her shapes and simplicity. The print I made mimics her structure and incorporates the colors that will be trending in 2014. I chose a combination of lighter hues and darker richer colors to make the print stand out. The print could either be  a blown-up portion from the original like the 3rd look or smaller inserts as are look 1 and 2. I also wanted to incorporate the full print in the last look to fully close the collection so you can see the original print.

-Alexis Antuna

Kay Sage. Watching the Clock. 1958

kay sage



-Milky Green -Crystal Grey -Bright White -Starlight Blue -Dusty Blue -Grisaille -Magenta Purple -Flame Scarlet -Blueprint -Antique Moss -Silver 

2014 print

Full Print

full print


swimwear 2014

For men… 1 pair of board shorts…. why not?



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