Final Collection: The Savant


This collection was inspired by a few pictures I took over the span of 2 weeks. One of those pictures is of a vintage chest i bought from a storage space and the others are of stair cases here on campus. I was intrigued by the pattern on the chest and the grey hues of the cement on the campus stairs. Together I created 2 prints one with several color variations in colors from the Pantone 2014 color trend. Colors like Antique Moss, Silver, Blueprint, Magenta Purple and Crystal Grey. This collection is modern, set for fall 2014 and for a working woman who is between 25-45. She is smart knows her self,  her abilities and likes to dress in colors and patterns that make her the center of attention any where she goes. The fabrication of these garments are dyed wool for the coat and pant, printed silk/cotton for the dresses and printed jersey for the the slouchy, draped styles.


photo 3

photo 1

photo 2print 1 yellow

look 1 blue

print 1 pink


look 3

print 1 blue

look 5

Final Collection 


Print 2 



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