Assignment #3 FINAL

Final Pro


Assigment #3 DONE

We just finished all our flats and I made a gesture drawing just to get practice as well. I really love the collaboration with with my partner and watching and learning with her while making this project.



emerald city


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Final: Dress

Panel Dress:

The garment I decided to create from the Beatrice Wood exhibit is what I like to call the panel dress. I wanted to use a print that embodied Wood’s paintings and roots in the Dada movement and when I found the print in just remember thinking this is it!


Having found the right print I wanted to break the brightness of the print do I decided to create panels on the side to create a break in the shape and color.


Creating the pattern wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be it was more confusing putting it together!… I used the princess line slopers and skirt sloper to create one full piece. I then extended the sleeve out to make it part of the pattern so there would be no seam on the sleeve.



I then traced the final pattern on manila paper and started on my muslin where I found it hard to sew in the panels




Once I figured it out I felt comfortable to start on the actual fashion fabric and the only problem then was trying to get the collar to lay flat since I attempted to fold and sew the fabric. When I tried to roll it and it would come out wrong every time so I decided to stop because I didn’t want to damage the fabric since everything was already done …. In the end I loved the way my piece ended up. I could have done a little better in the collar, but I think in the end for me to have even created a pattern that end up matching up and making sense was exciting enough for me. I should probably just have someone who really knows how to sew put it together and see if I’m really good at pattern making or at least just this piece!





Beauty Culture

Defining what is beauty to all of us is different and the Beauty Culture exhibit does that by kind of showing the aesthetic of who we are. I saw the exhibit as a way to look from the outside in, like I put my self an a side where I analyzed what I thought was beautiful and amazing to another one where I analyzed things which I thought otherwise. I thought it was interesting to see the reversal of roles  in age with women. Younger girls want to be older and older women want to be younger. They have a huge desire to stay young and be seen as sexy regardless of their age. The photographs reflect a lot of the youth trying to be grasped by the older women and the beauty queen culture with the little girls is beyond crazy. I’ve seen shows and documentaries about little beauty queens and the amount of money and time they invest in their looks and choreographers is amazing. They are basically living breathing dolls, their skin is tanned and hair is done to perfection like a doll, it sets a huge standard for the little girls I would thing once they grow up.

The other thing that I loved were obviously the fashion oriented pieces and I was beyond amazed at the fact that their were pieces from David Lachappelle!! I love his work and his message.  I’ve seen one of his documentaries as well and the most interesting thing is his message of every photograph he creates and the tought process that goes in to it. I also love his work with Amanda Lepore.

                                                             “Ms.Anna don’t like fat people”  1997