Reading #8

Acceptable Body Size:

When I read the first portion of reading #8 I was quickly drawn to the writer’s description of what was an acceptable body size in fashion. I really identified with this because I recently lost 60 pounds and I was very happy prior to loosing that weight. I had accepted my self and my body, but as a fashion major and lover I knew the things I really wanted to wear were most likely not in my size. although the writer mostly speaks of how fashion eroticisizes female models and what is sexy the same goes for male models. There is huge campaigns for full-figured women’s wear, but is there really any for men? Not that I can remember. Not to mention that just like in women’s over sexualized fashion ads there is just as many men’s ads that are over sexualized. Men wear next to nothing just like some women do in ads; they show their sculpted abs and body in poses that can more than likely be a resemblance of a sexual act.

Curves Ahead

V Magazine made this beautiful spread on full-figured models and to me it was just genius; it was well put together and the women were dressed and styled fabulously regardless of their size.

Desire to Desire:

I found my self very interested in how some not only desire to be like the models on fashion ad campaigns, but to embody the brand. It turns in to this fetishism of fashion; since there is people who would do anything to get that new “it” bag or shoes. We want to be or be next to that model and sit in their world as equals, but in reality no one is that perfect and no one lives that fabulous life; maybe some times im sure there is people rich enough to be fabulous and live that lavish life. Do we desire too much from the real world? rightfully so we want to have an amazing body and always be in the best garb. The writer goes on to say that a lot of the time ads and fashion houses like to “taunt” and play with their “wants” of the consumer to achieve their goal of getting them to fall in to their trend or buy their collection or at least I think to create the necessity and establish the popularity and glorification of their style or product.

This picture is just a shot of my google search for this amazing jacket that I truly love and it is a clear description on how you see actual shots from the Burberry runway and then you see knock offs and celebrities wearing the item. Knock offs to me are a symbol of how big a garment is; it becomes so desired that even those who can’t afford the real one will pay for a replica type any way.

Victoria’s Secret models; who are they seducing men or women? although the lingerie is for women what is the purpose of a very sexual ad campaign does it push women to buy them because they want to be like a VS angel?


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